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With valve we offer almost complete range of spare parts like:

● S.g. Iron forged, hardened & dynamically balanced crankshaft.
● Centrifugally casted cylinder, cylinder liner & sleeves
● Cross heads & guides, front end covers & intermediate plates
● Graded cast iron & aluminium alloy piston
● Steel forged & aluminium pressure dye casted connecting rod
● Chrome plated piston rods
● Main & C. R. bearings
● C.I. piston ring (individually casted)
● Electro pneumatic unloader / mechanical unloader
● Wear component i.e. piston ring/rider ring/rod packing (stuffing box) oil scrapper ring made out of CFT / PTFE /
   peek non metallic material
● Silicon, viton, &neoprene rubber ‘o’rings & seal bellows, hose pipe
● 100% pressure tested oil pump, lubricators
● Filters (air / oil)/ air oil separator



●  Accessories like non return valve, Aftercooler /intercooler (heat exchanger) complete
● Aftercooler /intercooler tube bundle assembly.
● Electro pneumatic unloaders for compressor
● Optimum air control unit, digital capacity controllers, Safety valve, prefilter, moisture separators



Other than supplying genuine compressor spares, we also undertake reconditioning of critical components with time tested procedure which further improve the life of worn out parts and give guaranteed performance and ultimately save tremendous cost & time, these procedure include,

● Cylinder resleeving / honing
● Crankshaft remetallising / grinding
● Repairing / line-boring of crank case
● Piston rod chrome plating, tungsten carbide coating
● Valve reconditioning – hoerbiger make only
● Descaling of compressor water jacket/ inter & after coolers


Air Compressor Spares :
Compressor spares for K.G. Khosla |Compressor Spares for Ingersoll Rand |
Compressor Spares For Kirloskar Pneumatics
| Compressor spares for Atlas Copco |

Cross Slide for Air Compressor

Bearing Rings

Screw Compressor Spare parts : Rotary Screw Compressors Oil-3 | Rotary Screw Compressors Oil-1 | Rotary Screw Compressors Oil-2 |
Rotary Screw Compressors Oil | Air Oil Separator For Screw Air Compressor

Gas Compressor Spares :
Replacement Parts For Nuove-Pignone | Replacement Parts for A.P.E. Bellis | Replacement Parts For Andreas Hoffer |
Replacement Parts For Neuman & Essar Replacement Parts For Demag| Replacement Parts For Worthington | Replacement Parts For Linde |
Replacement Parts For Kobe | Replacement Parts For Burto Coblin | Replacement Parts For Thomassen Replacement Parts For Peter Brotherhood |Replacement Parts For Hamworthy Replacement Parts For Dresser Rand Replacement Parts For Bellis & Marcom | Gas Compressors Spares |

ACR Compressor Spares : Accel Refrigeration Compressor Spares | York Refrigeration Compressor Spares | Copeland Refrigeration Compressor spares |
Stal Refrigeration Compressor Spares | Bitzer Refrigeration Compressor Spares | Vilter Refrigeration Compressor Spares | Sabroe Refrigeration Compressor spares | Daikin Refrigeration Compressor Spares | Gram Refrigeration Compressor Spares  | Mycom Refrigeration Compressor spares |
Trane Refrigeration Compressor Spares | Carrier Refrigeration Compressor Spares | Refrigeration Compressors Spares | Grasso Refrigeration Compressor Spares
| Batliboi Refrigeration Compressor Spares | Voltas Refrigeration Compressor Spares | 

Air Compressor oil

Air Compressor accessories :
Inter Cooler | Aftercooler | Non Return Valves | Safety Valve | Pressure Transducer | Solenoid Valve

Cylinder Assembly :
Cylinder Outer Head |Cylinder Air Compressor | Cylinder Inner Head | Cylinder Heads |

Connecting Rod :
Connecting Rod Nut | Connecting Rod Bolts |

Bearing Main, Connecting Rod : Main Bearing | Big End Bearing |

Piston Assembly : Piston Rings | Guide Ring | Packing Ring | Piston Air Compressor | Piston Rods |Piston Rod Sleeves | Piston Nuts | Oil Wiper Ring |

Bush and Bearing : Connecting Rod Bush | Small End Bush

Rings and Packing : Oil Scrapper Rings

Oil Seal Ring :

Crank Case Assembly : Flywheel Housing | Bearing Houseing | Distance Piece | Frames | Sheet Metal & Turn Components

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