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Utility Engineers customer training programs range from basic operation to advanced engineer-level topics. Backed by years of experience in the compressors field, Utility Engineers arranges courses with highly qualified engineers, increasing the skills of customers’ staff, with tangible results.

We provide the knowledge and the confidence your personnel need to ensure a safe and reliable operation of individual equipment. We recognize that education and experience translate into a safer environment, optimal efficiency, and extended equipment life.

Our experienced instructors are drawn from both engineering and service disciplines and have a successful history of training operators, mechanics, engineers and instrumentation personnel. The training is carried out in order to reduce operating and maintenance costs and results in long, reliable life of the supplied packages.

Individual courses are arranged for trainees with various backgrounds to meet all your training needs.

Who can benefit from these courses?

• Operation and maintenance staff 

• Maintenance managers 

• Process managers 

• Control specialists

• Chief engineers

Resulting The Following

• Efficient and economical operation

• Early detection and diagnosis of irregularities

• Optimized spare parts stock

• Efficient maintenance

• Specific repairs

Training Courses Targets

• To familiarize participants with the theory, concepts, construction and components of the equipment and packages supplied by Utility Engineers.

• To teach the participants on maintenance procedures and specific repairs.

Teaching Objectives

• To understand the basic terminology.

• To know the function and construction of principle parts and associated auxiliaries.

• To understand procedures to start, operate, load and stop the package safely.

• To apply recommended maintenance methods in order to optimize equipment operation and reliability.

• To understand the safety and control loops principles of operation.

• To diagnose and tackle specific repair method.