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Compressor Spares for Ingersoll Rand

TYPE 30/40, Ingersoll Rand Two-Stage Lubricated cylinder air compressors from 3 to 30 HP Designed for heavy shop or industrial use, Ingersoll Rand Two-Stage electric air compressors provide the quality and performance that are ideal for most applications and users, including: automotive service and body shops; fleet maintenance; machine shops; production and manufacturing lines; construction; wood working shops; dry cleaners; car washes; maintenance/repair shops and farms.

ESV-IS1 series IS120 to 75& IS1 20H to 75H ESH, HSE, IHE, XLE Series
PHE Series
Air Star AS High Pressure Compressor Series
PET Star PS3 Series High Pressure Compressor
Multi Star MS Series High Pressure Compressor
ESH Series Vaccum Pump
ESV Series Booster and Nitrogen Compressor
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