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We The load on the piston due to combustion of fuel in the combustion chamber is transmitted to crankshaft through the connecting rod. One end of connecting rod known as small end and is connected to the piston through gudgeon pin while the other end known as big end and is connected to crankshaft through crank pin. Generally, plain carbon steel is used as material to manufacture connecting rod but where low weight is most important factor, aluminium alloys are most suitable. Nickel alloy steel is also used for heavy duty engine's connecting rod. The connecting rod's big end is generally split to enable its clamping around the crankshaft. Suitable diameter holes are provided to accommodate connecting rod bolts for clamping. The big end of connecting rod is clamped with crankshaft with the help of connecting rod bolt, nut and split pin or cotter pin. For Small Tank mounted Compressor is made from Gun Metal or Forged Steel or Bronze. For smoother reaming &longer life, the smaller capacity compressors are fitted with ball bearings 10 connecting rod. Unbreakable transparent sheet is provided as side cover in the crank case which enable the clear function of the ball bearings fitted in connecting rod & oil splash lubrication visible. This is an added attraction. All manufacturer's names, numbers, symbols and description are used for reference purpose only and it is not implied that any part listed is the product of these manufacturers.