Main Bearing

This Main Bearing Bushing & Crank Pin Bushing is full floating bearing bush & is used on forged crankshaft for water cooled unit. Our aluminum Main Bearing bush is in one piece with axial cut and is capable of carrying both radial & thrust load. Crank pin bush (two halves) is a precision bushing which requires no adjustment. The above bearing Bush are made from perfect composition with aluminum ingots, heat treated & complete machined with groove in center & drilled for making oil film for perfect lubrication & maintaining correct oil pressure. Steel bushings are used in Air Cooled compressors which is readily available for immediate shipment. The same is properly heat treated, maintained tolerances with internal & external grinding and smooth& shining surface. Internal surface will match the dimension of crank pin with easy hand press sliding & external surface with big end of connecting rod for easy assembly & for long life.

Plain and flange bearing shells are manufactured by centrifugal casting, sintering and cladding processes to suit applications in engines, compressors, pumps, industrial machinery and custom design requirements. Our centrifugal casting technology enables us to produce heavy wall flange bearings of exceptional strength.

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