Non Return Valves

Non Return Valves

In process engineering systems, sudden flow reversals after compressors and in connecting pipe. Works pose considerable risks for the system, compressors and personnel.

Offer effective protection against this risk. Critical pulsations and strong fluctuations in flow conditions after controlled compressors are a particular challenge for check valves. This means the check valves have to adapt to the prevailing pulsations, turbulences and changes in inflow conditions and close quickly and reliably upon sudden flow reversal. Based on many year's experience in the field of valve technology, Our Respected Clients have developed the right solution for just such critical applications.

Even in strongly pulsating flow environments and under varying operating conditions, the check valve which we, supply, is reliable, safe and efficient.

These check valves have proven to be the right solution in countless applications with compressors:

  • Refineries
  • Petrochemical industry
  • Chemical industry
  • Natural gas industry
  • Industrial air systems

PET production in piping all industries

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